About Us 

You Get One Life. Together We Can Make It Great.

Our Mission

At Onelife Fitness, our mission is to deliver the ultimate fitness experience to every member, every time. We come together as a team to fulfill this mission and spread health and fitness to our communities.


Onelife Fitness is here because we believe it’s time for a fitness company to inspire and provide solutions to people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Onelife Fitness offers a high-value solution for every goal; From reducing stress and feeling better, to burning calories and building muscle, to training for a sport or triathlon. We believe that state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and result-driven fitness programs should not cost a fortune, and our goal is to provide premium, top-of-the-line services that fit any budget.


We are passionate about building a strong community that encourages and inspires one another. Our team of fitness experts are dedicated to delivering exceptional service - offering guidance and encouragement to ensure all members and guests have the best possible fitness experience. Onelife Fitness has constructed the winning formula to help overcome challenges by creating welcoming, supportive communities, fun environments, and programs that produce results. And most importantly, we commit to delivering that winning formula to every member, every time they visit us.


At Onelife Fitness our members, guests, and staff create life-changing relationships and healthy habits together. We instill a sense of belonging, loyalty, and comfort with our members that encourages them to transform their lives and build a lifelong relationship with fitness and with us.